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Butter-Fly 버터플라이|Digimon Adventure op 디지몬 어드벤처 오프닝 [Covered by Studio aLf]

I’ll become a happy butterfly, and ride on the glittering wind I’ll come to see you soon It’s best to forget the unnecessary things There’s no more time to be fooling around What do you mean, wow wow~ I wonder if we’ll reach the skies But, wow wow~ I don’t even know what my plans…

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Daily Bake by Glincon(US Election Special: Trump vs. Clinton)

You wanted a weather forecaster? Oh yes, yes. Um this is for research. Never mind. Take a seat and I’ll bring another chair. Name’s Summer. I speak 2 languages, “한국말 잘함.” I wanna be your weather forecaster. OBVIOUSLY. I don’t do overtime. Insurance and dental, let’s say you cover 20%? I’m going to need a…

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Daily Bake News (Kickstarter Special: the in-and-out of crowdfunding)

Nailed it. Fist bump baby. Do you feed all your workers this shit everyday! Uh…yes? I can’t eat fucking popcorn anymore! Steamed corn? We have to do something! Like what? I don’t know! Go beg for money! Greetings viewers, my name is Dude Bro and you’re watching Daily Bake, Kickstarter special. Oh yeah…I love it…

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