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SMOKEABLES: Wake and Bake with Pot-Infused Pancakes

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How To Make Sous Vide Pot Butter

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Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs (Part 3/3)

HAMILTON MORRIS: Juan lights a stick on fire and gets it glowing orange. The captain does not react. He takes two more burns the same way, and then Juan begins to rub the jelly into all three wounds. [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Does he feel anything? [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] MALE SPEAKER: He’s beginning to feel it….

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Introducing the Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System

Hello, my name is Chris Lundgren with Dosatron International I’m here to tell you about the brand new, Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System. The Nutrient Delivery System was developed based on feedback we received from you, the grower. Do you want to increase quality and gain efficiencies? Let us make the process of blending and dispensing…

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