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KIDS TRY 90s SNACKS! | Kids Vs. Food

– I love this bubblegum! – Put me on Master Chef now. Mm. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re going to travel back in time and have you try some ’90s kids snacks. – What? At least they’re for kids and it wasn’t too long ago. – Wait, but there’s some…

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LGR Oddware – French Bread Wrist Rest

*Buckling spring keys* Greetings, and welcome to LGR Oddware where we’re taking a look at hardware and software and things that are odd, forgotten, obsolete, and today’s is bread. *biff* Bread is not forgotten, obsolete, or even that odd. But this is, because this is not bread. This is a keyboard wrist rest. It just…

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LGR – Keyboard Wrist Rest: Fake Bread vs Real Bread

*Keyboard typing* I can’t stop talking about bread it seems! Greetings, this is an LGR update of sorts to the LGR Oddware episode on the French bread wrist rest, or baguette, or whatever you would care to call it. A lot you commented on the video and said, you know what, if there’s one thing…

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