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Pohon alpukat mentega buah lebat

I was in an avocado tree This butter has a friend This fruit is quite bushy This is a tree about 6 meters high Above the house Friends I will open it Avocado butter It’s cooked I have been cultivating for three days The skin is shiny green This is one kg of two Approximately…

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No-Till Sugar Beets in Montana: Producer Perspectives

I’d been to a NRCS event down in Billings and we talked about no-till and I just said dad we’re gonna do it and that’s what we did well I was looking at buying a disc ripper and I got to visiting with some neighbors and they were dabbling in this no-till and I thought…

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Special Episode: Sugar Beet Harvest – America’s Heartland

  America’s Heartland is made possible by…. American agriculture plays an essential role in providing food, feed, fuel and fiber to people around the world.   Monsanto is committed to helping farmers increase crop yields and conserve natural resources.   Monsanto is proud to support this program bringing you the stories of people in America’s…

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Volvo Trucks – Improving productivity with self-steering sugar-cane harvest truck

Brazil grows more sugar cane than any other country in the world. However, every year about four per cent of the crop is lost as young plants are run over and the soil is compacted by trucks and tractors. Today we have studies showing that productivity losses in the sugar-cane plantation if you trample the…

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Vermont Creamery | A Cheese and Butter Love Story

(wind chimes) The business is like having a child. When the business is young, you nurture it, you’re with it all the time. It’s really an extension of yourself. Like our children, the business grows up and you hope that you have instilled all the values that they learn and they carry them forward, about…

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Aperçu du marché: Le marché en Inde pour les aliments transformés

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The 4R Nutrients Solution

Better farming practices is a necessary step to improve the lives of people around the world. Food security and the opportunities that come with increased income can be a reality by supporting the over 1.5 billion smallholder farming families around the world. Increasing agricultural growth on the 500 million farms globally is considered one of…

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Chanvre & Alimentation : huile, farine, graines… Paroles de Terres – Saison 3 #15

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Nutrient Sensing Technology for Manure

( whoosh sfx )>>CHRIS ARNOLD: Thanks to advanced technology, precision farming has significantly changed agriculture. However, when applying liquid manure, you have lacked the ability to accurately track applied nutrients. And as you know, nutrient information from a limited number of lab samples, don’t account for variances across or within different storage locations. That means,…

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Salami Making | How to Make Everything: Preservatives

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