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What facial recognition steals from us

If you upload a photo into Google’s reverse image search, it’ll find websites where that picture has appeared, or provide “visually similar images” that have the same coloring and composition. The leading search engine in Russia, called Yandex, has reverse image search too but it doesn’t work the same way. It’s not looking for visually…

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Cozmo – Pass the Butter

What is my purpose? Oh. My. God.

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Announcing Butter.ai

Over three bazillion man hours are wasted each year to workers trying to find lost documents in the cloud And while my files at work are pretty organized, trying to find the right documents when I need them is still awful Well, it was, until I started using Butter.ai Butter.ai is an app in Slack…

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S. Korean IT giants declare bold AI, 5G visions as foundation of future growth

over the past week Korea’s IT Giants have been announcing their visions for the future to build a base for future innovation they’re planning to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in artificial intelligence and the 5g mobile network while the government is planning to restructure the science ministry or SIA has more from self-driving…

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Ranking all 200+ Mega Man robots | Unraveled

The Mega Man robot masters were not always evil. In fact, most were mechanized workers, created specifically to make life on Earth more efficient and wonderful. AND THEN THAT MASSIVE DONGER, DR. WILY, TURNED ‘EM ON US! So Mega Man destroyed them, and the world was saved. But… just how useful were these robots? And…

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