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What If You Only Ate Sugar?

Everyone has their favorite candy and sweets! Chocolate, gummies, lollipops. Everyone loves a sweet treat now and again. But can you imagine what it would be like if you could eat your favorite treats for a week straight? The average american consumes about 22 teaspoons of added sugar per day. Added means anything that’s not…

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Daily Bake News by Glincon(Pilot)

You ready? Oh, I’m ready. Who are you? Voice of the people baby. Tell it how? Like CNN on steroids. Fist bump Larry. Selfie! Greetings viewers. My name is dude bro. And I am the beautiful lead anchor of daily bake. The most exciting news platform to ever grace the television medium Whether its news…

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Cookie Run – Sugar Rush

*Too Much Sugar* *cool kids* [Surprise prank] [the process of how Great Jelly Chests obtain cookies] [Baby Dino Dancing Ritual] Sweet Rice Seels Huh!? Hello! Hooray! It’s Santa! Merry Christma- [Just wanted a Free Surpreme Key] Whoa Whoa Whoa! I’m just a man! Missing you! Please Understand! Without you… I’m dying! 🙂 *annoying fly Whoa!…

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Can You be Addicted to Sugar?

This mouse loves sugar. He loves sugar so much that even after he’s eaten and should be pretty full, he crosses a metal platform that gives his feet electric shocks just to get a sweet reward. Sometimes our love of sugar makes us go a little overboard. We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve…

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I Baked A Poisoned Cake For My Stepmother’s Birthday || Best True Stories Animated

Hi, boys and girls! My name is Molly and I am fourteen years old. Here I’ve seen many stories about bad stepmothers that have made the lives of the storytellers miserable. My story will also be about my stepmother Regina and me, but something in it might surprise and even shock you! The point is…

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Sugar, Sugar

Sugar, oh, honey, honey You are my candy girl And you got me wanting you Honey, oh, sugar, sugar You are my candy girl And you got me wanting you I just can’t believe the loveliness of loving you (I just can’t believe it’s true) I just can’t believe the wonder of this feeling too….

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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s Secret Admirer

Gavin: See, I never get attention like that unless it’s from dudes. Gus: What you mean? Gavin: I was on set once. We were on a cooking show. This guy was cooking all these recipes. So, uhm, the camera is looking at him and I’m attached to the camera with a cable looking at what…

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Is Sugar bad for you? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Can you guess the title of my next video? Hurry up. Write your guess in the comments section below. Is sugar bad for you? Nooo. Because whenever I eat sugar, I get sweet dreams. Alright. Now listen. If we consume a lot of sugar, then it can lead to serious health problems….

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Anime动态漫 | The Queen’s Strategy系统逼我做皇后 S4E1 ASSASSIN!来人,有刺客!(Authorized/Eng sub)

Luo Jieyu Quickly stabilize body with Qinggong so dangerous Luan Moheng, you almost killed me Are you OK Have you hurt I’m fine Thank you for your concern I didn’t mean anything else just now I just want to help you get through as soon as possible … Jieyu, you are here I’ve looked for…

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Butter-Fly 버터플라이|Digimon Adventure op 디지몬 어드벤처 오프닝 [Covered by Studio aLf]

I’ll become a happy butterfly, and ride on the glittering wind I’ll come to see you soon It’s best to forget the unnecessary things There’s no more time to be fooling around What do you mean, wow wow~ I wonder if we’ll reach the skies But, wow wow~ I don’t even know what my plans…

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