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Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen hope you are well todays recipe is requested by Raquel Carrion she left me a comment on my video last night and I thought that sounds amazing an apple and cinnamon crumble so without further ado the ingredients are right here lets get going…

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The death of Peanut Butter Jelly Time

(Starts singing “Peanut Butter Jelly time”) Can you please shut up? (Banana continues singing) Because I will eat this Banana, and then I’m gonna eat you. (Continues singing) It’s up to you. Mmm, lovely banana, I wonder what a big one will taste like. (Song stops) (Song starts again) Get outta here! (Song starts again)…

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Easy Baked Cinnamon Apples Recipe – How to Make Baked Apples at Home

We’re Adam and Joanne from inspiredtaste.net and welcome to our kitchen. Hi guys, today we’re making our baked apples. These incorporate three of my favorite things. Melted butter, apples and cinnamon. It’s delicious… and smells amazing when they are baking in the oven and it’s pretty easy to put together. You have to make these….

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How to Make Classic Baked Apples

Today on The Stay at home chef I’m showing you how to make Classic Baked Apples These are always an amazing fall treat. To start you’ll need 6 apples. When it comes to baking apples there’s a lot of different varieties you can use. If you like too though the tart side you can use…

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Where Does Sugar Come From? | Science for Kids

Do you like to eat a sweet treat every now and then? I know I do, and lot of us enjoy a cookie or a piece of candy when it’s time for a special goodie. And what’s a birthday without a cake? But as much as we might like special snacks like these, we know…

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How to Make Stuffed Baked Apples : Core & Trim Apples for Baked Apples Recipe

Hi! I’m Amanda with Expert Village. In this clip, I’m going to be coring and trimming the apples flat. I’ve got my 4 apples here. I like to start coring the apples from the bottom to the top so that way you have a wider base to work with. I’m going to core the apple…

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Just like magic this becomes, this! Today on Weekend at the Cottage. Welcome to Weekend at the Cottage. I’m Nik Manojlovich. Today with an incredible treat. Before I launch into how to make Apple Butter, just the name has me excited, let me remind you to please head to www.weekendatthecottage.com. While you’re visiting our websites,…

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Classic Dutch Apple Pie from the Rijksmuseum Cookbook

I’m Jonah Freud. I’m the owner of a cookbook shop in Amsterdam. My shop already exists for 40 years. I made a book last year for the Rijksmuseum, The Rijksmuseum Cookbook And today i’m going to make you an apple pie, one of the recipes that’s in the book. We put some flour, of course,…

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How to Make Amish Apple Butter Bread Recipe

This is another Amish recipe that is easy and great for this time of year. I’m Tess and today I’m making Amish apple butter bread. Stay tuned! (intro music) I’ve been digging out some of my favorite recipes from my Amish cookbooks. I usually make this Amish apple butter bread this time of year and…

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Annoying Orange – Rolling in the Dough

-[distorted voice]: Luke… Luke… I am an orange. [laughs] -[grunts] -Whoa! It’s Jabba the Hutt! -Jabba the what now? No, I think you’re– -All mixed up? Nope, that’s you, Jabba. [laughs] -Ugh, I feel like I pulled a muscle in there. -Hey! Hey, Doughboy! -What? What? -Did you lick the beaters or did the beaters…

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