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How to Cook Squid with Butter Sauce

Hi, I’m Jackie M and I’m a Malaysian cook based here in Sydney, Australia. Now, last time I was on the show Dave very kindly dropped off some blackfish and with that, I pan-fried it and made some curry sauce to go with it. This time, he’s done one better and sent me over some…

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Baked Ginger Salmon Dinner Recipe!

What’s up guys we are back with another cooking video Finally I know you guys been wanting cooking videos I think the last cooking video was the jambalaya video, and that was over a year ago now, but we are back We are making salmon today This specific recipe is my wife’s favorite recipe that…

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VEGAN HONEY BUTTER CHICKEN RECIPE (gluten-free!) | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not-yet-friends, Welcome back to Mary’s Test Kitchen. Today, we’re taking the best vegan fried chicken recipe and smothering it in sweet and tangy sauce and crunchy pumpkin seeds to make vegan honey butter chicken. It’s inspired by the honey butter chicken made by Korean youtuber Maangchi. You might remember I mentioned her…

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HOT FOR FOOD COOKBOOK REVIEW // Vegan Comfort Classics by Lauren Toyota | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not yet friends, Welcome to another cookbook review here on Mary’s Test Kitchen. Vegan Comfort Classics by Lauren Toyota. The hot for food cookbook. Finally. If you’re a hot for foodie, you probably already have the book, don’t need a review but are just here for the food porn. Welcome. If not,…

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Hello friends and not yet friends. Welcome back to another cookbook review here on Mary’s Test Kitchen, where we explore the tastiest vegan recipes around. Let’s dive right into the deliciousness with these classic brownies from Richa Hingle’s new vegan cookbook, Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen. We start by heating up your favorite nondairy milk and…

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Beef Rendang Recipe – Pai’s Kitchen | Malaysian / Indonesian Recipe

hey everyone welcome to Pai’s Kitchen today I am making world’s most delicious food at least according to a CNN poll a few years back I am talking about rendang so rendang is a traditional dish from Indonesia and also Malaysia they also serve it in Singapore and probably a few other countries so if…

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Mapo Tofu Recipe – Pai’s Kitchen – Chinese Recipe

hey everyone and welcome to Pai’s Kitchen, today I am making one of my favorite Chinese dishes ever and turns out it’s Adams favorite Chinese dish as well I am talking about Mapo tofu soft tofu in a rich flavorful meat sauce that’s spicy with a touch of numbness it’s a specialty of Sichuan cuisine…

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Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies Recipe

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Banh Mi Recipe Vietnamese Sandwich Street Food | HONEYSUCKLE

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Honeysuckle Catering Today I’m going to show you how to make my childhood favorite, and it’s actuall still a favorite today, the Vietnamese Sandwich, or it’s also called Banh mi thit nuong there’s so many different varieties of fillings for this sandwich – you can have grilled…

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How to Make Malaysian Otak-Otak

I’m Jackie M and I’m going to teach you Otak-Otak.Otak-Otak in Malay actually just means “brains” – nobody really knows why it’s called “brains”, maybe it’s because it looks like a complete mess of a pasty mixture. Now, there are a couple of different versions of Otak-Otak in Malaysia, there’s the steamed version – that’s…

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