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First attempt Epi French Baguette(Arabic Subtitles) خبز السنبلة الفرنسي

خبز السنبلة الفرنسي المقادير كيلو طحين ملعقتا طعام خميرة ملعقة ملح كاس من العجينة السائلة ربع كاس زيت زيتون حب لتزيين الخبز حوالي ثلاث اكواب ماء دافئ طريقة التحظير تذوب العجينة في قليل من الماء الدافئ ثم نخلطها مع الطحين و الملح نضيف العجينة السائلة و الزيت و نمزج الكل نضيف الماء على مراحل حتى…

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The Easiest Baguette-ish Bread: Legate Loaf

Lazy Legate Loaf. This recipe is my attempt to produce a great-tasting baguette-ish or ciabatta-like substance without needing any skill or putting forth much effort. Only special equipment required is a food-grade spray bottle of water, which is a useful thing to have around anyway. This video is sponsored by Vistal Supply, the maker of…

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Baguette Bread recipe / Baguette fatta in casa

Hi everyone! Making your own baguette for the first time can be a bit intimidating but you really have nothing to worry about. This baguette recipe along with my tips will help you tackle baguette baking with ease and confidence; with just a few ingredients and a very simple preparation, you can bake delicious baguette…

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Homemade French Baguettes (Arabic Subtitles) الخبز الفرنسي بالمنزل

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FRENCH BREAD FESTIVAL ‘La Fête du Pain’ – Subtitled

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Baguette Production Line

AOCNO Email: [email protected] T:86-311-68032934 Web:www.yesbake.com www.aocno.com ADD: Anping County,Hebei, China.

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Pain de Campagne (French Country Bread)

Ingredient List can be found below. Add Yeast and Salt to Flour Mix until uniformly distributed. Add Water and mix in the bowl with a spoon. Transfer contents to work surface and knead vigourously for 8min. Transfer contents to a lightly oiled bowl. Cover with cling film (plastic wrap). Let it rise for 1 hour…

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Homemade French Bread Without Yeast-2018 | simple homemade french bread

Homemade French Bread Without Yeast-2017 | simple homemade french bread

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French Bread, French Bread Recipe, French Bread Baking, How to Make French Bread (Part 1)

bjbjz I’m about to make you look like a rock star in the kitchen. Making homemade French bread seems like a huge daunting prospect, and it’s not. It’s just five ingredients. It takes a few minutes to throw together, a couple of hours to wait on it, throw it in the oven and it looks…

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French Bread

Today we’re making french bread. [ music ] Come on in welcome to my home. Have you ever had one of those recipes that you were certain that you’ve made before then I went back and I checked and I haven’t made it for you. Super simple recipe. I’m using my bread maker simply because:…

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