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How to make French Baguettes🥖🥖ΜΠΑΓΚΕΤΑ γαλλική τέλεια🥖🥖Baguette backen

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Hi and welcome back to Steve’s kitchen. Those of you that have been following along making the sourdough starter will be anxious to get on and make something with it. Now this is looking beautiful and light and bubbly it smells delicious and we’re going to use it or we’re going to let it help…

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The Local Way Paris—Baguettes & Boulangeries

the city of lights romance fashion art everyone has their idea of Paris my idea of Paris is sitting on the Canal Saint-Martin having a picnic on a sunny day and for me it’s moonlit bike rides along the Seine sharing a bottle of wine and a dimly lit restaurant grabbing the freshest baguette from…

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Homemade French Bread Without Yeast-2018 | simple homemade french bread

Homemade French Bread Without Yeast-2017 | simple homemade french bread

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How to Make Bread from Scratch- NO BREADMAKER NEEDED

(Intro music.) Hey, it’s Vanessa from CraftyGemini.com. Today I’m going to teach you how to make bread. Yes! You don’t need any fancy machines or breadmakers or anything like that. All you need is what you see on the table right here. So let me walk you through everything. Here you need a bowl, obviously….

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