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How to Make LARDY CAKE – Traditional Sticky Lardy Cake – Lardy Bread

Hey a huge welcome to Steve’s Kitchen, now come down here take a look this is lardy cake and this is lard. Now it’s an animal rendered fat rather than the butter you can not make this with butter it has to be lard and if you don’t like lard you really should give it…

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The Best Bread in Puglia | Jamie’s Italy – UNSEEN

When I turned thirty I toured around Italy in my Campervan cooking everywhere I went. I did some amazing things which changed my life forever and I’ll never forget it. Thanks to Food Tube I can now share these things with you guys and I’m really excited. Puglia bread. Now I thought I knew a…

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The Secret to a Perfect French Baguette | The Great British Baking Show | PBS Food

(birds chirping) – A baguette is all about havin’ that crisp on the outside. This one here has got a nice (tapping) – [Mary] Good crust. – And, you get that by using steam in the oven. See, the structure’s very irregular. It’s not like a thin bread. It’s not tight, little air holes. It’s…

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Behind the scenes at a French bakery

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