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Recipe: Banana Cake

Hello. Welcome to American Baker in Germany. I’m Michelle and today we are making one of my favorite cake recipes and this one is for banana cake. Let’s get started. As always, we start out with our ingredients. We need 1 cup or 250g of butter. 2 cups or 400g of sugar. 4 eggs. 4…

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How to make the best banana butter cake

Imagine the amount of banana in the banana butter cake is a quarter of the weight of the cake! A lot of bananas! That is precisely how to describe our banana butter cake, no artificial essence, one hundred percent pure banana, fully ripe and sweet. This video is about how to make our best selling…

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Birthday Banana Bread Bake… Cake? | Gluten Free

Hello, and welcome back to darnyougluten. I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend eating lots of yummy food and spending time with your family. Today I’m going to show you how to make a delicious gluten free banana cake, because, well… On Friday, it’s my birthday! Yayyyy! And I get to make my own…

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Eggless Cake Recipes Without Condensed Milk | Wheat Banana Cake Recipes

Take 2 bananas in a big bowl and mesh them properly Add sugar and mix thoroughly Add oil and mix it properly Add a cup of milk to the mixture In a siever take wheat flour, semolina, baking soda, baking power and sieve directly into the mixture and mix nicely Add vanilla essence and crushed…

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Banana Bread | Super Moist Banana Bread recipe | How to make Banana Bread at Home | JD’sKitchen

In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a super moist banana bread, it super moist and veru soft in texture You can serve it with cold coffee or hot, otherwise you can also serve it as it is if you want So let’s get started Here are a few ingredients I have taken,…

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Banana Bread | Homemade Bread Recipe | bread-recipes

Banana Bread Homemade Bread Recipe bread-recipes

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