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Story of India’s First Butter Chicken | Exploring Moti Mahal | Served #01

You know what I love about this place?! This board… Is the fact that there is India and there is chicken! And that’s all you need to know about this place! Hi! I’m Shashank. And today, you are being served with Moti Mahal’s iconic Butter Chicken! So, now we’re here at the kitchen of Moti…

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Best Butter Chicken In Delhi at Havemore, Pandara Road | Best Indian Food | Served #15

1959 was a really important year in the history of the world! And for India too, this year was very interesting! Everybody had this hope, that after Independence our country will again be called as Golden Bird! And with that hope, people decided to do something different! New industries and institutions were build… …and the…

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