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Recipe For homemade Butter!

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Recette Gâteaux Sans Beurre – Biscuit Recipe Without Butter

Hello Biscuit Recipe Without Butter 2 eggs Vanilla sugar 7g Baking powder 4g 60g sugar 80ml vegetable oil 2 large tbsp apricot jam White flour about 250g 2 eggs salt Vanilla sugar 7g 60g sugar 80ml vegetable oil apricot jam White flour about 250g Baking powder 4g Egg yolk + coffee Crushed almonds The oven…

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Du plaisir à déguster ! 😋

Hello Recipe Donut without butter DRY YEAST 10g 150ml warm milk 2 tablespoons sugar egg Vanilla salt 2 tablespoons vegetable oil flour about 350g oil 40min 15min Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

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The Peanut Butter Solution – Scary Alternative Trailer

So what happened to you ? I don’t remember. Exept for … I’ve had my doubt about you and I’ve been checking. What checking ? I’ve found out that you’ve been thrown out of two schools. That you’ve faked famous paintings and that you have changed your name and appearance four times. I’ve had a…

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La pâte feuilletée (Tout ce qu’il faut savoir !)

translation in the description #INTRODUCTION With the help of 2 cooking sheets of 30*40 and 30*80 cm…. make a template of 20*36 cm and… and a 15*18 cm template. Sift 150g of T45 flour. Cut into small cubes 375g of soft butter. Add them to the flour. Then, using the flat beater, mix… until you…

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