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Our First COOKBOOK is Finally Done! – English Subtitles

Zeppelins, different Zeppelins, Samogitian Pancakes, Curdies, Curd Casserole, Chicken… Come over here quickly if you want… Bring the book, if you want to show it… Say those recipes quickly, MO. Bam-bam-bam- bam… Okay, bring the book and I will say them… Hi, viewers… What do have here?! Is it the cover of the first book?!…

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How to Bake a Cake for Kids

hello everybody it’s me max we’re going to do something a little bit different today it’s going to be my good friend boos birthday soon and I wanted to make him something so I thought it would be fun if we could read a book about how to make a cake how to bake a…

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A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 3 ENDING, Sugar Bowl & VFD EXPLAINED

The end of A Series of Unfortunate Events is finally here and, after three seasons of very fascinating drama, we now have answers to many questions fans have been dying to know. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in this video I’m explaining all the mysteries from the last season of Unfortunate Events including the…

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Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen now today is world book day so if you are watching this video tomorrow I apologise but I figured I would do a recipe from a book and I was going to do barry potter, I was going to do butter beer from harry…

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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s Secret Admirer

Gavin: See, I never get attention like that unless it’s from dudes. Gus: What you mean? Gavin: I was on set once. We were on a cooking show. This guy was cooking all these recipes. So, uhm, the camera is looking at him and I’m attached to the camera with a cable looking at what…

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How Many Unread Books Should You Own?

My name is danica. I’m a contributing editor at book riot and today I wanted to talk about the ideal TBR count. So as we approach the end of the year, we are entering into the time of resolutions. And in the bookish part of the internet that means reading goals. Everyone has their own…

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COOKBOOK – making of

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LifeRich Publishing Author Aimee Broussard Reveals how her Cross-Country Cookbook Came to Be

“I’m Aimee Broussard, editor of AimeeBroussard.com and author of ‘The Traveling Apron Cookbook.’ I thought, ‘Hmm. Why not circulate an apron across the country, an empty recipe binder, and some blank recipe cards, and see if, one, people would sign up for it, and two, what they eat in other areas of the country?’ I…

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Cookbook takes eco-friendly approach to seafood

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You know what Barry there is nothing better than having a good look through a decent cook book. Oooh Hi guys, didn’t see you there it’s Barry here and I have just got a little announcement to make basically I have got a cook book coming out in may this Year it’s available now to…

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