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Bread Pakora Recipe | How to Make Tasty Bread Pakora At Home

Bread Pakora Recipe Bread Pakora Recipe Bread Pakora Recipe Bread Pakora Recipe

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Fried Rolls Recipe||healthy Lunchbox ideas for kids..by*home cooking with hira*

in the name of ALLAH,the most merciful,the most kind. hello friends!how are you all? our today’s recipe is bread rolls stuffed with potatoes will add some more veggies in this so lets start the recipe now first of all i have boiled and peeled 4 medium sized potatoes carrot chopped 2tbsp,green capsicums..1tbsp chopped onions 2…

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Bread Pakora Recipe – How to Make Bread Pakora

Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulika.com Today we will make plain bread pakoras Let’s see what all ingredients are required for making bread pakoras. Bread – 2 (for making four bread pakoras) Gram flour – 1 cup Green coriander – 2 tbsp (finely chopped) Green chilly – 2 (finely chopped) Ginger – 1 inch piece (grated) Salt…

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how to cook bread bajji cheese bread recipes I Tasty Tej I RECTV INDIA

cheese bread bajji cheese bread bajji is ready to serve hot

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Stuffed Bread Roll by Yasmin’s Cooking (ramadan recipes)

today im going to teach you how to make bread rolls and dont forget to like, subscribe and comment the things you will need are 4 boiled potatoes and leave it to cool because if you make it while the potatoes are hot then it wont be made properly you will also need fresh coriander,…

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5 mins Bread Pakora Recipe | 2 Ways Bread Pakoda by Veena | ब्रेड पकोड़ा बनाने की विधि | Snack Recipe

Hello welcome to Simply Sindhi on Indian Food Network I am Veena and today I am going to show you how to make 2 types of Bread Pakora’s which is loved by all Sindhi’s So lets see how it’s made First we will make the batter in this bowl I will add gram flour in…

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Bread Pakora Recipe | Aloo Bread Pakora Recipe | Stuffed Bread Pakoda

bread pakora – the popular north indian snack & street food ingredients and quantities are listed in the description box. we will need oil for shallow frying. we are not deep frying the bread pakora as they are normally done brown bread. you may use white bread instead boiled and mashed potatoes gram flour or…

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How to Make Bread Pakora Recipe In Tamil|Snacks Recipe|Bread Recipes

Today will see how to prepare bread pakoda Ingredients:White bread slices -4,Bengal gram flour-1 cup Potato boiled -1,Green chilli-2,coriander leaves -some Chilli powder -1 tsp,turmeric powder -1/4 tsp,salt-as per taste Baking soda -a pinch Masala required for potatoes Cumin seeds powder -1,Chaat masala -1 tsp Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp,chilli powder-1 tsp Take a bowl and…

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ब्रेड पकोडा | Bread Pakora Recipe | How to make Bread Pakora | MadhurasRcipe | Quick Bread Fritters

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make bread pakoda today. Rainy season has started and fried snacks are in demand. Mostly we eat kanda bhaji, batata bhaji, batata vada. A different type of bhaji is bread pakoda. To begin with take 1/2 cup besan into a bowl. Add…

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ब्रेड पकौड़ा – Bread Pakora Recipe In Hindi – Aloo Bread Pakoda – Quick & Easy Snack Recipe – Seema

Subscribe to Swaad Anusaar. And click the bell icon for regular recipe updates. Namaste! Welcome to Swaad Anusaar. I am your chef and host Seema. Today I will make my most favourite Pakoda. And that is Bread Pakoda. So come let’s see how to make Bread Pakodi. This is 4 to 5 crushed, boiled potatoes….

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