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How to Make Bread Pudding | The Basics | QVC

When it comes to comfort food desserts, bread pudding leads the pack. It’s easy to make and it uses up all of your leftover bread, so let’s make some bread pudding. We’re going to make a really basic bread pudding here today, but I’m going to give you options of when you can add other…

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Easy Bread Pudding Recipe | Pudding Recipe In Hindi | Pudding Recipe At Home |

Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make Bread Pudding which is instant Which is simple Which need less ingredients Kids love it Let’s start making Pudding BREAD SLICE- 10 (SMALL) MIX NUTS- 2 TBSP(ALMOND ,RAISIN AND CASHEW NUT) 500 ML MILK (2 CUPS) Keep 1/2 liter milk…

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