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Bread Roll Recipe In Hindi – ब्रेड रोल – Potato Stuffed Bread Roll – Easy Snack Recipe – Seema

Today we are going to make an instant snack recipe. Which you can make for your kids instantly. And that is Bread Rolls. So let’s begin making Break rolls. Here I have taken 4 boiled potatoes. And I will mash this. Mash the potatoes in big chunks, don’t mash it completely. Potatoes are mashed nicely,…

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Bread Paneer Roll Recipe | Indian Snacks Recipes | Breakfast recipes

hi i am Reshu Drolia and you are watching mints recipes To make bread paneer roll we have used 5-6 slices of bread 2 tbsp butter and for filling we have used 3/4 cup soft paneer 2 pieces of green chilli salt to taste 1/4 tbsp black pepper Cheese Slices Milk as per requirement 1/4…

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ब्रेड रोल – Bread Rolls Recipe in Marathi – Potato Bread Rolls – Easy Snack – Monsoon Special

Namaste! Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Smita. We love the combination of bhaji (fritters) and tea during rainy days. But, at times we get bored of eating fritters. Hence, I am going to show you a nice recipe today. And that is ‘Bread Roll’. For ‘Bread Roll’ I have taken 3 boiled potatoes and have…

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Bread Roll Recipe In Hindi By Indian Food Made Easy

Bread roll recipe is easy to make and kids love them Do try this bread roll recipe to impress your kids Namaskar, welcome to indian food made easy today we will make a exciting snack using potatoes which is bread roll we have used very simple ingredients for this bread roll recipe If you like…

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Fried Rolls Recipe||healthy Lunchbox ideas for kids..by*home cooking with hira*

in the name of ALLAH,the most merciful,the most kind. hello friends!how are you all? our today’s recipe is bread rolls stuffed with potatoes will add some more veggies in this so lets start the recipe now first of all i have boiled and peeled 4 medium sized potatoes carrot chopped 2tbsp,green capsicums..1tbsp chopped onions 2…

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Bread Roll Recipe in Hindi! Disha Home recipe! Bread Aloo Pakoda! Crispy Bread Roll

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Stuffed Bread Roll by Yasmin’s Cooking (ramadan recipes)

today im going to teach you how to make bread rolls and dont forget to like, subscribe and comment the things you will need are 4 boiled potatoes and leave it to cool because if you make it while the potatoes are hot then it wont be made properly you will also need fresh coriander,…

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Bread roll recipe | Stuffed Bread Rolls | Potato Stuffed Bread Roll | Bread Potato Roll

Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulika.com Today we are making Shahi bread rolls which are really easy to make and takes very less time to cook. You can prepare this for any holiday or serve them as snacks in supper; everyone will surely relish eating these rolls. Let’s start with the procedure of making shahi bread roll….

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Aloo Bread Roll in HINDI | Easy Bread Roll Recipe | How to Make Aloo Bread Roll in Hindi

Hello Friends, welcome to Nehas Cookhouse today we are going to make Aloo Bread Roll aloo bread roll is one of the most common and loved snacks made in Indian kitchens this simple and super delicious snack is made by deep frying bread filled with spicy potato masala mixture but you can add other ingredients…

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ब्रेड से बना बहुत आसान नाश्ता | Bread Cheese Roll Recipe | Reshus Recipes

I am going to make today Bread cheese roll It can be made quickly and easily You can serve this in any party This is very crispy and cheese And these bread cheese rolls are too tasty So let’s begin But before that do subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon for notification…

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