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What happens when you burn sugar?

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Dr. Lauth´s Lab #4: How A Candle Burns (Fire Triangle, Butter Candle & Candle Drum)

How do you do, dear Friends of Science. I am glad that you are attending my lecture today. Today I would like to talk about a subject that you all know: the candle, especially the candle flame. Candles have been used for many hundreds of years to enlighten rooms. With their warm light they provide…

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Testing Explosives from The Anarchist Cookbook

[FAST MUSIC PLAYING] ROCCO CASTORO: I recently wrote an article for the technology issue of “Vice” about “The Anarchist Cookbook”. And if you don’t know what “The Anarchist Cookbook” is, it was written in 1971 by a 19-year-old named William Powell. It was a response to the Vietnam War and a type of field manual…

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