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WHY Sugar is as Bad as Alcohol (Fructose, The Liver Toxin)

To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. We’re all familiar with the dangers of alcohol and the fact that frequent alcohol consumption can fry your liver. Anyone who has had alcohol before will not doubt that it is a toxin, even if they are not familiar with what it specifically…

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BH4U | 14 Foods With Almost No Calories And A Lot Of Nutrients

14 Foods With Almost No Calories and a Lot of Nutrients We are constantly advised to consume more nutrient-rich foods, but we end up eating more, and still lack those important ingredients into our bodies. Therefore, we need to learn which foods are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, and increase their intake on a…

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Cet aliment que vous consommez chaque jour tue des millions de personnes par an !

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Nutrient-Dense Approach to Weight Management

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Do Food Cravings Tell You What Nutrients You Need?

In this video I’ll be talking about food cravings. Most of us crave particular foods at one time or another. Did you know that chocolate really is the most often craved food? It’s true. But, what causes food cravings? Are they a dire warning from your body or are they simply you wanting the foods…

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Alimentation saine : ces aliments caloriques bons pour la santé – Fitnext.com

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Are processed foods “bad”? And what are non-nutrients?

Hi, this is Neily on Nutrition. Yesterday, was talking about the macronutrients carbohydrate, protein, fat, and the calories that they had, respectively 4, 4, and 9 calories per gram. I also talked about something else that had calories and that’s alcohol. Alcohol has seven calories per gram. So in an 80 proof liquor of a…

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Proteins: the “Primary” Nutrient

Proteins were named one and a half centuries ago after the late greek world “πρωτεῖος” (Proteios), which means, ‘of primary importance’. The name is well-deserved because proteins are capable of accomplishing truly amazing things in our body. No wonder that for many people, proteins are the “king” of nutrients. But this idea of primacy has…

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Perdre du poids grâce aux aliments à calories négatives

Perdre du poids grâce aux aliments à calories négatives Il est possible que vous ne sachiez pas que « les aliments à calories négatives » sont, malgré leur nom, des ingrédients excellents pour votre santé. Il s’agit plus précisément de toute une classe d’aliments qui peuvent vous aider à perdre du poids de manière saine….

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