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Does SUGAR really cause CAVITIES or Dental Decay?…..Maybe NOT! Have the best oral health!

– What’s up, guys? This is Dr. O, and if you stay tuned to this one, I’m gonna give you an idea of how to stay out of the dental chair and basically avoid seeing me. Isn’t that weird? Why would I give an idea of how to avoid seeing me? I don’t know, I’m…

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Sugar Gliders as Pets : The Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Ownership

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I’m representing Expert Village. I will be talking about the reasons that you will not want to own a Sugar Glider. Number one, they are very difficult to take care of. They can bite, they not necessarily friendly to children, they have sharp claws, and very sharp teeth. They…

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Fantastic Provence – Shea Butter: The Gold of Burkina Faso’s Women | L’Occitane

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How to Care for a Sugar Glider

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Culinary Care Cookbook launch

People from across the health and social care sector Have come together today to celebrate the launch of the UK’s first ever Culinary Care Cookbook This unique cookbook has been developed by care teams Responsible for cooking in the care homes And residents who have featured some of their most loved recipes The cookbook has…

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DIY Lip Butter Balm – Natural homemade Gift Ideas

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Cancer cookbook: healthy recipes and nutrition tips

As a cancer survivor, Jean LaMantia knows firsthand the effect cancer treatment can have on appetite. In just one week, she lost ten pounds. I couldn’t even look at food, I couldn’t watch the television in case there was a commercial about food. As a registered dietitian, the issue really hit home. Jean’s experiences, and…

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How to overcome Childhood Emotional Neglect | Kati Morton

– Hey everybody, today we’re going to talk about how to overcome childhood emotional neglect, which from now on I’ll just call CEN because that’s a little bit easier, but before I jump into the topic, if you’re new to my channel, welcome. I talk about all things mental health here, and I put out…

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Survival of the Nurtured – Our Path to Belonging, with Tara Brach

[music] Namaste and welcome. And a special welcome as always to our friends who are livestreaming at the moment. There’s an increasing sense of a global community – very lovely! I’d like to begin with one of my favorite little pieces from a writer from the New Yorker. And he describes how when his son…

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Nurturing virtues and values in children

Narrator : Nurturing virtues and values in children Narrator : It is essential to start nurturing virtues Narrator : and values in young children Narrator : so that they can do the right things Narrator : and be nice to people around them Narrator : It will also contribute to their success in the future…

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