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Delicious and Easy French Toast Casserole Recipe

French Toast Casserole Brown Sugar Cinnamon Milk Chocolate chips Half and half 25 minutes at 400 °F

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French Toast – By Vahchef @ Vahrehvah.com

hi another quickie session with your VahChef. Today we’re going to learn how to make french toast take one egg whisk the egg and add 20 ml of milk for one egg; you can also add yogurt instead of milk it is better to use thick slice of bread then a thinner slice add a…

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Recipe of the Day: Giada’s Italian Baked Chicken and Pastina | Food Network

[theme music] Pastina may be the most kid-friendly pasta, because it’s small and comes in fun shapes. I’m going to mix it with sauteed chicken and vegetables, then bake it with a cheesy Parmesan crust on top. The kids will love baked chicken and pastina and so will you. While Charlie and Lucy play outside,…

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DIY Leftover Recipes / Thanksgiving!

Hey guys, it’s Ro! I am so excited for the holidays and I got so many requests from you guys to make some homemade recipes. This video is gonna be something that we’ve never done before, it is gonna be 2 parts, the first part, I am gonna be making 3 of my favorite homemade…

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Easy Egg Bake Recipe

chef buck here and what the hell is this we’re going to call it an easy egg bake you know it’s like a quiche without a crushed it’s like an omelet in the oven it’s like a big eggy vegetable thing that has lots of leftovers and tastes fantastic and it’s SuperDuper awesome cold the…

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Overnight Blueberry French Toast

We all love to brunch, so why not do it in your home and have exactly what you want? This French toast, it is so much easier than making it for each person. It is an overnight blueberry French toast. Cube some bread, make a delicious milk and egg mixture to go over the top,…

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