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TEMPO | “JUST A SIMP” Jake ‘N’ Bake Feat. HAchubby Official Music Video

Scrolling through my phone I see the notification My queen came online time to send a donation 12 month Tier 3 Sub and Bit Leader Still praying one day that I might get to meet her Patreon and Private Snapchat got ’em all If it’s ever leaked nah it wasn’t my fault She knows me…

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간단하게 낙지볶음8인분에 버터구이전복 50마리 볶음밥 먹방 Korean mukbang eating show

Hello everyone For today’s mukbang, I have 2 Large Stir-Fried Webfoot Octopus 50 counts of Abalone I have abalone intestines here It grilled with butter The total came out to be 385,000 won (~$324 USD) It’s a restaurant I filmed for “Live Show Today” I believe the place was called “Dae Mool Lim” I to-go’d…

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تحدي ٢٠٠ حبة كستناء + اتحديت شيف بوراك 🌰 Sugar Chestnut 200 Piece Challeng + Chef Burak Özdemir

Peace upon you, S7. No no no noo, one second, one second Peace upon you, S7S with you. Today, I am in Turkey. The city of Bursa. Here, I have two challenges. I want you like you to join me in. The first challenge will be about the “chestnut” fruit. That is known as “Abu…

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Pastry Chefs Attempt Making Gourmet Dog Treats

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Prank It!【这个是不是Prank?!】恶整 Sylvia Chan! 连老板都敢整?! 还差一点把她弄哭?!🙈

Hi, everyone. We’re Sugar Melon Welcome to the new episode of Prank It! Hello, I’m Zijie -I’m Nina Zijie, are you excited about today’s shooting? I am very excited about today’s shooting Why? I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life As the host of a prank show, I’m a little afraid today Why…

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30 Days Without Sugar • LIFE/CHANGE

– [Voiceover] We all know added sugar isn’t healthy, but is avoiding it worth it? We wanted to find out, so we asked three sugar addicts to change their diets for a month to see what happens when you give up sugar. (“Allure Amour”) – For breakfast I usually have like a Starburst. I’m interested…

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Dan Bakes a Brownie-Cheesecake Checkerboard Cake 🏁Challenge #7

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Biggest REESES in the World (MASSIVE)

(heavy rock music) (heavy sigh) – Butter. Great way to start the day. Yo it’s your boy kill ’em for the win. I always kill ’em for the win, and you’re watching me, kill ’em for the win. Wooh! We’ve decided we want to make the world’s largest Reese’s peanut butter cup. Yeah baby. So…

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Haribo 6lb Sugar Free Gummy Bear Challenge

Yo, it’s your boy, Kill’em FTW I always Kill’em for the win And you’re watching me Kill’em FTW Whoo! Right here, I have three kilograms of Haribo which is more than 6.6 pounds It’s like a small child But this isn’t just Haribo gummy bears this is Haribo sugar free gummy bears Difference between normal…

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