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Sustainable community development: from what’s wrong to what’s strong | Cormac Russell | TEDxExeter

Translator: Monica Ronchi Reviewer: Saskia Clauss Thank you. The question: “can I help you?” is a question that millions of people ask millions of other people every single day. What does it actually mean to help another human being? Or indeed to help an entire community. I believe that helping is a powerful and often…

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Synergie’s Philosophy: Protect. Change. Nurture, Clean Science and the SEED principle

I’d like to talk to you today about my fundamental philosophy for the Synergie skincare range. It’s really important that I explain that to you so you can really get an insight into why I do what I do. Firstly protect, change and nurture is the Synergie mantra. Everything I create falls under that umbrella….

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