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Myco Fusion Rhizo Charge 2.0 Nutrients

All right, I got Rhizo Charge here, a high-performance mycorrhiza food from Myco Fusion. This is a food that you’d like to use with the Green 150. After dusting those roots, you want to give it some food. This is going to have to help with more aggressive colonization of your Green 150 or your…

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Terpinator Nutrient

Hi, this is Andrew here representing the Terpinator at Pacific Northwest Garden Supply Vendor Day 2014, here to tell you about the Terpinator. A brand-new product, been on the market for less than a year now, 100 percent organic, which is fantastic. It�s going to work for the hydro grower. It�s going to work for…

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Medi One by Green Planet Nutrients

Hi, guys! It’s Justin from Green Planet. Thanks for checking out Green Planet’s Medi One. This stuff is incredible. It’s a grow fertilizer and bloom fertilizer all-in-one bottle, with all of your growth stimulants and bloom enhancers to boot. Therefore, you’re getting great value, anywhere from 10 mL to 30 mL per gallon. All you…

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