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How to Make Soup for the Poor – The Victorian Way

Oh, good morning! I’ve just got back from seeing Lady Braybrooke. She organises many charitable initiatives, from blankets for the needy to the collection of old toys and such items for new mothers with children. Today, she’s asked me to make a hearty soup for the poor of the parish. It needs to be tasty…

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Friday Night Feast | Beef Wellington, Steak & Chicken Pie | Series 7

Hey guys, so this year we’re at the end of Southend pier again, and the guests are in, we’ve got some fantastic people coming on the show, we’ve been cooking up a storm. Perfect food for the weekend, stuff to impress, stuff to make you really really happy so check out some of these amazing…

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Diving for World Class Butter Clams Off the Coast of Oregon — Deep Dive

– I grew up on the coast. We lived all over Oregon. But I’ve just been around wild product my whole life. Growing up on salmon, trout, a lot of ocean fish as well. When I started working in restaurants, even high level ones, I was kind of disappointed in the quality of certain products….

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Baked Potato Puffs – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comma with baked potato puffs that’s right they said there was no way to do a big version of these famous french fried potato puffs which go by the name pom dolfinh but you know what I think we did and for the record I’m just assuming…

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Ok, let’s go. F*** If you are a fan of cannabis edibles, like me, you have probably tasted cannabis butter before, or at least a brownie with some in it. This is my first time with Magical Butter, and I’m eager to see how easy it is to make some cannabis butter. And of course,…

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The Perfect Steak | Jamie Oliver

I’m going to show you how to make the perfect steak. This recipe is gonna hold your hand and give you the tips and shortcuts so you can get it right every single time. This here is the griddle pan now in Italy they’ve got an old old method of cooking called Alma Tony, it…

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Almond Pancakes – Keto Pancakes (Gluten-Free) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with almond meal pancakes that’s right it’s always wonderful when the best version of a recipe also just happens to be the easiest version of the recipe which is the case with these amazingly delicious and super simple almond pancakes and believe me I’ve tried a…

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Is this $200 Cast Iron Pan Better than the Lodge? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Another day, another gadget. Today we’re testing the Butter Pat Cast Iron for $195. Like, super luxury. Compared to the Lodge at $30. So here it is, this is the Butter Pat. It doesn’t look like your normal cast iron, like the Lodge. And I love the Lodge, I love this, and it’s affordable,…

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Kelly Can’t Stop Giggling While Making Italian Food With Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey & Scott Conant

– Our next guest is ready to teach us how to make a real gourmet dish. He’s the owner of Mora Italian in Phoenix and Cellaio Steak in New York. You’ve also seen him on Food Network as a judge on Chopped. You got a lot going on. – Yeah. – Okay, say hello to…

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Tray Baked Crispy Trout | Jamie Oliver & Tobie Puttock

What up footubers! I hope you’re very well from me, Mr Oliver and the one and only Tobie Puttock woo, hey there foodtubers Me and Tobie have cooked together for… since the 90’s brother. Since the nineties, we sound like an old dodgy band We kind of are an old dodgy band. We probably are….

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