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12 Creative Recipes with Canned Chickpeas, BEYOND HUMMUS ! Part 1/3

hey guys, salut! it’s Alex so today it’s part 1 of 12 different but very very creative recipes using just A CAN OF CHICKPEAS! it’s super cheap, it’s widely available. in terms of shelf life, it will surely outlast yourself which is a bit scary to say the least. but the thing is, it can…

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Chickpeas Stuffed Eggplants Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Chickpeas Stuffed Eggplants Recipe by Heghineh Simple, yet very rich and flavorful dish from Armenian cuisine: chickpeas stuffed eggplants. The original recipe belongs to my friend Susanna Arustamyan, a wonderful Armenian food blogger, whom I met on instagram The one and only reason I like about some social media sites, is getting to know so…

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