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Bánh Quy Bơ/Butter cookies | Nấu Ăn Ngon [NẤU ĂN NGON]

Today I will introduce to you how to make Butter cookies 80gr unsalted butter 60gr icing sugar 145gr cake flour (13) 1 Egg 10ml Milk 5ml Vanilla Beat the butter pour in sugar 1 Egg Milk Vanilla Pour in all cake flour Remember sifted flour before use Mix until the mixture is well blended like…

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Coconut Chocolate Balls Recipe (Gluten Free & No Bake Cookies) – CookingWithAlia – Episode 223

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チョコレートバターサンドの作り方 Chocolate butter sandwich cookies

Hello everyone, Cacao~ ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*)♪ This time we will be making chocolate butter sandwiches! It is arranged like the ones from a famous store. It could be a great Valentine’s gift. We will start with the cookie. Lightly warm the butter in the microwave, and knead it softly. Add and mix granulated sugar firmly. Beat the…

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Top 5 des aliments que l’on peut manger périmés

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Alimentation saine : ces aliments caloriques bons pour la santé – Fitnext.com

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Recette du pain viennois et de la délicieuse viennoise chocolat

Hello. Today, I’m showing you how to bake two delicious things. The Viennese bread. And the chocolate chips Viennese bread. The Viennese bread can be enjoyed plain, or used as a bread for your sandwich. I love it. And the chocolate chips Viennese bread, which can be drunk in a coffee or a tea. This…

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LES BIENFAITS DU CHOCOLAT, un aliment antistress mais pas seulement :) / Noura Marashi

Hello everyone, I hope you go well then today I am very happy to meet you for a new video about a food appreciated by many people the chocolate. First of all know that chocolate comes from the cocoa beans that are very rich in flavonoids. So flavonoids are antioxidants to fight against cellular aging…

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Les 18 Aliments qu’on peut manger périmés

Les 18 Aliments qu’on peut manger périmés

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Les aliments multisensoriels UNE VRAIE DROGUE

Les aliments multisensoriels – une vraie drogue L’aliment multisensoriel, c’est celui qui a plein de goûts, de saveurs et qui va stimuler vos papilles à l’excès et c’est un aliment qui contient à la fois beaucoup de sucre, de gras et de sel. Par exemple, le snickers qui est une barre chocolatée, qui contient à la…

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