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Butter cookies recipe | egg-less butter biscuits | easy cookie recipes | Tamil – English Subtitles

Hi Friends Welcome to Christilla’s Cooking We are going to make cookies I made these cookies for my baby It is very healthy and tasty Come lets see how to make them 1 1/3 cups of wheat flour 2 cups corn flour 1 cup palm sugar 200g unsalted butter Salt for taste I use this…

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French Bread-Xander Pandre Official Music Video

Ayo This is Xander I got a serious problem with you fance this stops right now aldi you know I’m talking to you, come on all throughout Europe you’ve got your cultures from no way to Spain and even Moldova throughout Europe you’ve got all your foods before real I don’t wanna be rude just…

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Abreuvoir poules (Poussins) simple à réaliser 1/3. Bouteilles de 1 litre 1/2.

It is hot. Chickens need a lot of water. For them but also to make their eggs. This water trough is really easy to make. Hygienic and very practical. Young chickens use it very quickly. To make this set you need. Take a good look here! This little hole to let in the air. Isn’t…

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