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Wealth Inequality Sugar Coated

Wealth inequality can be so complicated. So let’s imagine if all the money in the world was candy. Here we see the poor and the impoverished. They have no candy. In fact, they have never tasted candy before. They can only dream of what it’s like to hold a piece, let alone to have a…

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What If We Ran Out Of Sugar? | Unveiled

In the modern world, we’re often told that sugar is bad for you. But if it really is something to be avoided, then why don’t we just abandon it completely? This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering the extraordinary question; What if the world ran out of sugar? Are you a fiend for facts? Are…

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Climate change: Why we need 70% of U.S. politicians to unite | Daniel Esty | Big Think

So when I served at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the late 1980s and early 1990s climate change first came onto the public agenda in a big way, and there was at the time a UN process launched to think about this issue. There was, in fact, the inner governmental panel on climate change…

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NIST Colloquium Series: Baked Alaska: Changing Climate – Changing Landscapes

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UNDP Cookbook: Adaptive Farms, Resilient Tables

Wow. When I first saw the cookbook I was so excited because it brings you to think about the link between climate change what scientists are talking about, what people don’t think or people don’t believe in and your reality, your day to day reality. The cookbook is an excellent initiative because sometimes we have…

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The reason behind our food’s nutrient collapse

Who hasn’t dreamed of diving face-first into a giant cake or going nuts on a stack of pizzas? That’s basically what the world’s bees are doing — and it could be leading to their sudden, massive disappearance. A scientist named Irakli Loladze has been trying to sound the alarm since the late 1990s, when he…

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Karel Mayrand 2 – Les dérèglements climatiques dérèglent notre alimentation

Food will cost a lot more. We’ve already seen the first signs of this. For example, in 2010, there were droughts in the American West, in the Ukraine and in Russia. Consequently, Russia decided to ban food exports. This led to global food price increases, which in turn led to food riots in Africa, Asia,…

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Is Our Food Becoming Less Nutritious?

Is our food becoming less nutritious? Many people claim that the nutrient content in our food has been decreasing over the decades. But is this really true, and should we be worried? A study published in 2004 looked at 43 different common garden crops, and how their nutritional value had changed between 1950 and 1999….

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