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How to make clotted cream

– You know what, folks? Making our own homemade clotted cream is actually really, really easy. It is, it is easy. It just takes a lot of time. That’s it. Come to think of it, it is actually a very British thing indeed. Yes, it is. It’s pretty much almost as British as saying sorry…

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Turkish Pancake Gozleme with Honey and clotted cream Recipe

[Music] hello ladies and gentlemen this video will also detail the honey clotted cream turkish pancake and a healthy dessert i will give two different descriptions that children can love honey clotted cream fabulous delicious turkish pancake ingredients 100 grams of clotted cream to be used round loaf of bread broken walnut pieces you can…

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How To Make Scones | Jamie Oliver | AD

So lovely people we’re going to make homemade scones. I love doing this I probably do it every single week the kids love it. It’s really really really easy and I’m going to be bigging up my beautiful bakeware range. We’re going to use 500 grams of self-raising flour. 150 grams of diced unsalted butter…

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