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Personitos Episodio 1 – Batman y Robin

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THE DITTO – Movie Trailer

-The sequel is way more sucky than the original movie. -Shut up! [wind whistling] -We found something in the ice. We think it’s been here for over 100,000 years. -Like a really old Popsicle? -Yes. -What flavor? -I’m gonna take a tissue sample. -You sure that’s a good idea? -Nope. [drill whirring] Congratulations, everybody. This…

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RT Life – Gavin Free: Knife Thrower

[Up-tempo intro music] Burnie: Gav, what are you doing? Gavin: So, Ryan thinks that if I throw a knife Ryan: NO, no, no, Gavin thinks… Gavin: by the blade… Gavin: I’m saying you think it won’t go in. Ryan: Yeah I’m agreeing that it won’t go in. Burnie: Nobody explained the premise still. [Gavin laughing]…

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RT Life – Butter Beer and Soggy Bread

So Gus what’s happening? Alright. So we’re at the stage where we have to put the sparge water… …into the strike water to make… something. I don’t know what. It looks like a turkey. “You pour the water through the grain bag then begin heating for boil.” I’m gonna read ahead a little bit. You’d…

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