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Un aliment idéal pour le régime minceur: LA TOMATE / Noura Marashi

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LE FER, la carence en fer : symptômes, diagnostique, traitements, alimentation / Noura Marashi

Bonjour à tous, j’éspère que vous allez bien , aujourd’hui , j’ai décidé de vous retrouver pour une nouvelle vidéo consacrée au fer . Tout d’abord , sachez que le fer permet tout simplement de transporter l’oxygène à travers le sang grâce à une protéine qui s’appelle l’hémoglobine . Il permet aussi de fixer cet…

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LES BIENFAITS DU CHOCOLAT, un aliment antistress mais pas seulement :) / Noura Marashi

Hello everyone, I hope you go well then today I am very happy to meet you for a new video about a food appreciated by many people the chocolate. First of all know that chocolate comes from the cocoa beans that are very rich in flavonoids. So flavonoids are antioxidants to fight against cellular aging…

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Carnivore Diet: Why would it work? What about Nutrients and Fiber?

Recently the “carnivore diet” has become quite popular, thanks in part to the famous University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, as well as his daughter Mikhaila having used this meat-only diet to alleviate certain health issues “and she said to me quit eating greens and I thought Oh, really?! I’m eating cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, and…

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If You Recognize These Early Warning Signs, You Have Nutrient Deficiency

You may be eating healthily, doing sports twice a week, and drinking a lot of water and still have problems with your body. The reason for that may be a nutrient deficiency, which means vitamins and minerals. Luckily, no nutrient deficiency occurs without certain visible signs. Be sure to check these symptoms attentively to figure…

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