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Recipe of the Day: Creole Prawns

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3.2 When sugar ruled the world: Plantation slavery in the 18th c. Caribbean

Where do you think that most African slaves taken on the Middle Passage ended up in? Louisiana? No. Virginia? No. South Carolina? No. Places like Cuba, Haiti, or Jamaica each imported more African slaves than the US did. The story of their enslavement on Caribbean plantations is one of sheer horror. But also, in the…

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Creole Garlic Butter Shrimp | Creole Kick Seasoning

Welcome back to my channel Smoking and Grilling and today I’m getting ready to show you guys how to make a, hey I’m gonna say this right now, listen, I know it’s a mouthful listen we’re gonna make a Creole / Cajun Garlic Butter Shrimp hey I want you guys to do one thing for…

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Smoked Turkey Recipe- Butter Creole injected, Brown Sugar Rub How To Recipe 09.2016| BBQ Love

Smoked Turkey Butter Creole InjectedBrown Sugar Rub 09.16 BBQLove.net 12.39 lbs turkey (198.24oz) rest at room temp for

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