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12 Crazy Days – Using Your CRM to Nurture Your Leads [Day 7]

Oh, hey everyone! Today marks the 7th Crazy day of the holidays! So, you might be asking yourself – what’s a CRM? Simply put, it’s a Customer Relationship Management system. There are TONS of softwares and products you can use for this, like Hubspot, SalesForce, Base, etc. Now, this is a SUPER important aspect to…

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Create a Workflow Nurture Sequence

Peer-to-peer fundraising can be quite lucrative and powerful, but it takes human effort to sustain. This workflow’s aim is to remind new fundraisers to share their page and encourage them, thereby cutting down on some of that human effort. To create a new workflow, navigate to Tools>Workflows and then click New Workflow. The Trigger is…

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Lead Nurturing for SuperOffice CRM

Meet Josie the Marketer and Anders the Sales Guy. They both work in different tools and in different teams They both work in different tools and in different teams But they both very much agree that to do some successful lead nurturing, they need to pull their efforts together. But that’s easier said than done….

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