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Copie de Gourmand – Le chanvre en cuisine !

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Paneer Paratha (Stuffed Flat Bread) Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making paneer paratha or cheese paratha. This is a flat bread filled with spiced paneer, Indian Cheese. Paneer paratha is very delicious and high in protein. This can be served as is or enjoy with any gravy based dish. This recipe will make 6 paratha. For this recipe we need: For…

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Garlic bread

Hello freinds today we r making garlic bread In garlic add 1 tsp dreid orgeno n 2 tsp olive oil Add 5 tbsp butter in garlic Adding blackpepper to taste Adding salt to taste Either microwave garlic or cook in steel bowl on flat girdle,melt butter Apply garlic oil on bread slices This is my…

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Salubrité des aliments – Alligator

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[ENG CC] 怎樣焗港式軟麵包 How to Bake Hong Kong style bread

Hi everyone! Today, I will show you how to bake Hong Kong style soft buns. Take dough out from the fridge after using the low temperature rising method Please refer to my notes below for dough making and low temperature rising method Divide dough into 70 g to 75 g each. For cocktail buns, 50g…

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Focaccia Recipe in The Bread Kitchen

[Opening jingle] Hi and welcome to The Bread Kitchen. Today I’m gonna make one of my all-time favourite Italian breads: Focaccia and I like to flavour mine with red onion and sage. To make Focaccia, I’ve got 350 g strong white bread flour, 200 ml of warm water. Here there’s one small red onion. Half…

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Alimentation Ayurvédique : Encore 8 Règles Pour Tous | Natalia Apvril

¡Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous ! Dans cette vidéo on va parler alimentation ayurvédique, YES ! J’avais publié il y a quelques mois une vidéo où j’avais partagé avec vous 10 règles ou recommandations en lien avec l’alimentation ayurvédique que tout le monde peut appliquer même sans connaître quel est notre profil ayurvédique Et…

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La fougasse aux olives – French recipe: flat bread from Provence

Hi, here is the recipe of the focaccia with olives this is a Provencal bread very easy to make and delicious with a salad crumble half a package of fresh baker’s yeast or you can use 2 packets of dry yeast we will need 300 grams of warm water I diluted the yeast with a…

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Crunchy Best Homemade Potato Nuggets Recipe – Potato Pakora – Aloo Pakora – Besan Pakora

Today shall made Potato Nuggets If you like this recipe then plz subscribe & Like my channel This recipe loved by everyone This potato nuggets or potato pakora with hot tea is very enjoyable in this rainy season Let see the Ingredients to make potato nuggets Boiled potato 300 gms, finely chopped after removing peel…

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Mojito French Toast Recipe B(R)OIL LA – Episode 3

I don’t know about you but the next day after a night of drinking I crave only two things: something super sweet and something loaded with carbs. In other words, brunch! And to me brunch means only one thing- french toast, my absolute favorite breakfast food but the number one complaint I have and that…

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