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How To Make Butter Chicken At Home | Restaurant Style Recipe | Curry Leaves – Roshan Varghese

Welcome everyone! I’ll be preparing the well known butter chicken today Lets see what ingredients are needed for the dish Let’s marinate the chicken first We have two tablespoons of oil here Add yogurt to the oil Add Tandoori masala next Add salt as needed Add a small amount of vinegar Mix this well using…

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Recette du butter chicken (poulet tikka masala, c’est quasi pareil) – YouCookCuisine

SI vous aimez les épices et les curries, cette recette est faite pour vous. À base d’une très bonne marinade de poulet, et surtout avec une sauce enveloppante, onctueuse et pleine de saveurs épicées, je vous présente le Butter Chicken Tikka Masala. Oui, parce que Butter Chicken et Tikka Masala, c’est sensiblement pareil donc on…

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Baked eggplant parmesan. Easy to make.

2 eggplants ( 750 g ) peel them partially cut them into slices of about 5 mm put the slices in a strainer by sparkling salt above each of them if you watched till here, please don’t forget to subscribe and to turn on the notifications. Thank you! then put them aside ~ 30 min…

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Our First COOKBOOK is Finally Done! – English Subtitles

Zeppelins, different Zeppelins, Samogitian Pancakes, Curdies, Curd Casserole, Chicken… Come over here quickly if you want… Bring the book, if you want to show it… Say those recipes quickly, MO. Bam-bam-bam- bam… Okay, bring the book and I will say them… Hi, viewers… What do have here?! Is it the cover of the first book?!…

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Pan-fried Salmon in lemon, garlic & butter sauce. Easy to make.

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Lentils and Mustard Greens – Medieval Recipes

Welcome to our kitchen. Today we prepare two medieval vegetable recipes: lentils and mustard greens. We start with the ingredients. We need lentils, eggs, aged pecorino, saffron, olive oil, and mustard greens. You can substitute the mustard greens with any other green leaf vegetable. They are often prepared in the same way in the medieval…

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Delicious baked and stuffed potato skins. Easy to make.

1 kg potatoes ( 4 big pieces ) sting them with a fork put each of them on aluminium and baking foil add 1 thread of rosemary about 2 small threads of thyme 1 garlic clove cut in half sprinkle ~ 1 tsp olive oil add a pinch of dry oregano a pinch of salt…

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Recette Gâteau Facile Sans Farine Sans Temps de Repos

250g grated carrot 250g fine semolina eggs yogurt 110g 100g sugar 80ml vegetable oil Vanilla Baking powder 7g salt sugar yogurt Vanilla vegetable oil mix Baking powder 7g The oven is 180 degrees 25 / 35 minutes Apricot jam Crushed almonds Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

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Aubergine râpée / Recette Healthy

Hello recipes eggplant garlic Olive oil garlic eggplant Parsley / Coriander Cumin pepper salt lemon 10 minutes olives Zucchini Recipe Zucchini garlic Olive oil Salt pepper Dry thyme thyme Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

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UN VRAI LOBSTER BAKE DU MAINE 🐚 La petite bette Travel vlog

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