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Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen you are looking very well today we have a super amazing recipe for you super is the key word, these are super Mario cupcakes so the mushrooms that you would see in the video game personally I was more a fan of Mario kart…

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Hi Cupcakers! welcome another Friday to the channel. Today we’re making coconut and caramel cupcakes. Coconut and Caramel Cupcakes. Today I can’t contain the excitement because I’m bringing to the channel these cupcakes that combine 2 flavors that many of you know that I love. Caramel and coconut, that together I think are an incredibly…

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How to Bake | Bake Shop Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K

(playful music) – Hi, welcome to Sweeter Days ladies. – Hi, hi I’m Penny from KidVision. – Hi Penny. – And these are the VPK kids, we’re here today to find out about how to bake cupcakes. – Oh, well welcome. We do over 43 different flavors of cupcakes, about seven or eight cookies, we…

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Today we are making some spooky Halloween cupcakes. Hello everyone its Becky here welcome to my virgin kitchen, its Halloween. Hmmm, hahaha, how you feeling Im feeling great, there was only one she said she bought two noses and they look like a goaty when you do that. I cant find the other one conveniently,…

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VANILLA CUPCAKES || Awura Abena || Bake with us| *BAKE OFF*

VANILLA CUPCAKES Awura Abena | Bake with us| *BAKE OFF* Alright so what do we have here? VANILLA CUPCAKES Awura Abena | Bake with us| *BAKE OFF* half a pound of VANILLA CUPCAKES Awura Abena | Bake with us| *BAKE OFF* we need eight ounces of flour, and we need 8 ounces of sugar and…

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Barbie – The Twins’ Bake Sale | Ep.82

Barbie – The Twins Bake Sale …and I love when Donald Duck keep falling on ice Yes, that was funny wasn’t it! And Olaf funny too And Anna and Elsa look so pretty! Well I’m glad you had a good time at Disney on Ice Whooaaa! That stinks! Oh, it expired last week! That’s going…

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Halloween Cupcake Bake Off Challenge | Zoella

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Sugar Rush Christmas | Official Trailer | Netflix

This is Sugar Rush Christmas! The baking competition where time is the most important ingredient. [woman] Go. Go. Go. Go. -You gotta hurry up. -[man] I’m starting to panic. There’s a lot to do, and there’s no time to do it. Trying not to look at the clock. -[host] Four teams… -Let’s do this. [host]…

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How to make Perfect Chocolate Buttercream | Cupcake Jemma

Hello, it’s me, Jemma, and I’m going to show you my recipe for chocolate buttercream, which is so simple and yummy and easy you’re just going to be making it all the time, and potentially just eating it on its own. So you only need four ingredients, and I have got here 300 grams of…

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Bake Austin Kids Camp Makes Egg Cakes

Today we made egg cake, cake inside an egg (laughter). You open them up, there’s no, like, gooey stuff, it’s … CAKE! First we poked holes in one end of the egg and tried to … and we got all the egg on the inside out of the shell into bowls. When we touched the…

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