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Inside ILMxLAB: Making Star Wars Vader Immortal!

hey everybody its norm from Testim and welcome back to projections where we have a special episode this week hopefully the first in a series of studio visits where we’re going to give you a peek behind the scenes at the making of some of the VR and AR experience that we love so much…

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Star Wars Cookbook What Should Sweet Willy Cook for #ForceFriday?

[Intro Music]>>Mommy: Whatcha got there Sweet Willy?>>Sweet Willy: What do I have? I have another cookbook.>>Mommy: Oh another cookbook. What’s it about?>>Sweet Willy: Well I’ll show you where I keep my cookbooks. I keep my cookbooks up top here.>>Mommy: Where only he can reach them because mommy doesn’t use cookbooks. [Laughing]>>Sweet Willy: Where only I…

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