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The Peanut Butter Solution – Scary Alternative Trailer

So what happened to you ? I don’t remember. Exept for … I’ve had my doubt about you and I’ve been checking. What checking ? I’ve found out that you’ve been thrown out of two schools. That you’ve faked famous paintings and that you have changed your name and appearance four times. I’ve had a…

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Construction Worker’s Widow: “The Site Bosses Failed To Keep My Husband Safe!”

Alessandro Ramos was the breadwinner for his family – a New York City construction worker – in a dangerous line of work. “I’VE ALWAYS BEEN WORRIED ABOUT HIM, BECAUSE HE HAS A VERY RISKY JOB.” Last week the Ramos family received the worst news possible. The forty-three year old husband and father of three daughters…

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How to cook Spanish Tapas: cookery lesson by award-winning chef

So, something about chopping, why chefs never cut themselves, well, hardly ever… you don’t want to be going like that. What is the origin of the word tapas? It comes from when you had a drink in the summer and there were lots of flies around in the heat and you put a little piece…

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Hi, It’s Mica Fit One of the questions I get usually asked, is not only the way I train, but also what I eat. It is true that training is not everything in work out, there is also nutrition ! That is what makes us improve well. I essentially eat meat, eggs and fish. My…

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Mapa Total de Nutrientes (translated subtitles)

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Robert Commis d’Office – Le Monde à L’Envers

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Aliments pour baisser le taux de sucre dans le sang

Aliments pour baisser le taux de sucre dans le sang 1.Avocat. Cest lun des fruits les plus appropriés pour diminuer la glycémie, car ils sont riches en acides gras mono-insaturés qui contribuent à stabiliser linsuline et donc à réduire les niveaux de glucose dans le sang. En outre, lavocat est également indiqué pour vous aider…

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Découvrez des aliments qui réduisent les niveaux de sucre dans le sang dans la nature

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