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12 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

All the signs you’re eating too much sugar most of us think only people with diabetes have high blood sugar levels that isn’t so Anyone can suffer from this and may not notice the harm being done to nerves blood vessels and organs To prevent complications. You should recognize wearying symptoms and [ty] Pay attention…

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7 Ways to Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable | Chris Masterjohn Lite #55

This is how to keep your blood sugar in balance. Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of chrismasterjohnphd.com, and this is Chris Masterjohn Lite, where the name of the game is “Details? Shmeetails. Just tell me what works!” And today we’re going to talk about a few ways to keep your blood sugar in balance. Alex…

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Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF

Dawn phenomenon also known as the dawn effect is when your blood sugar rises in the morning but why does it do that and what’s the mechanism we’re going to talk about that and we’re also going to explain why diabetics and people with insulin resistance tend to have a greater response and what that…

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Food Industry’s Secret Weapon (WHY Sugar is addictive & in 80% of Food)

Sugar, do do do do do do🎵 Aw honey honey, do do do do🎵 You might have read something lately about Sugar being 8 times as addictive as cocaine. This piece of information probably didn’t do too much for you unless you are already anti sugar. Considering everyone has eaten sugar at some point, how could…

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Blood Sugar – Boys Town National Research Hospital

It’s important to keep an eye on your blood sugar because uncontrolled elevated blood sugar can lead to chronic diseases, such as kidney damage, nerve damage, coronary artery disease, heart damage a and eye damage. So it’s really important to know what your numbers are and to keep them within the normal range. Most people…

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TOP 10 Foods that do NOT affect the blood sugar

Hey! In this video, I’m going to show you the Top 10 foods that does NOT affect your blood sugar. These are both healthy, beneficial and of course perfect for people with both types of Diabetes. Before we get started I just wanted to share a quick little tip for you who are just starting…

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You Got to Get Sugar Out of Your Life

You’ve got to get sugar out of your life. I bet you thought you’d never see a video, with me, and this sugary stuff. But, I’ve got these props here today to tell you about an experiment. A simple experiment that was done, to show how easy it is to make your liver fat. They…

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Baked Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe (8.13.12 – Day 1) Unfried, Low Fat, Vegan, Healthy

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Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

Did you know Butter can make your pants fall off? Neither did I until I started eating butter and cream and bacon and eggs and Fatty cuts of chicken cooked in good old fashioned lard. I lost 145 pounds in 14 months, eating Butter made my size 54 pants fall off Hello, my name is…

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The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook – Delicious Recipes for Diabetics

Delicious Recipes for Diabetics – The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook

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