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DBL Mini Show: Exotic Butter

Classic Mario: Exotic Butter (Forever Long) Classic Mario: (Evil Voice) EXOTIC BUTTER Classic Mario: Exotic Butter (Again He Love It) Diego: He Guys Diego: Thank You So Much For Watching Diego: Don’t Forget To Hit The Diego: Like Button And Subscribe Diego: Please Subscribe Me ( 🙁 🙁 🙁 ) Diego: Byyyeeeeeeee (OMG YOU SEE…

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Top 6 Worst Kids Cartoons

Dora! Let’s get her, Boo! It’s time to rummage through the absolute worst animated trash our young friends have ever had to sit through. Generally aimed at the under 6, these cartoons are overly-pandering, sickly-sweet, or vapid enough to drive the kids and the parents to madness. So let’s check out the top 6 worst…

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