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Does mixing carbohydrate with fat cause people to get fat because of the Randle cycle?

Steven Smith asks, can you explain how to properly interpret the Randle Cycle. There’s a theory floating around on the internet that mixed diets are more fattening then low-carb or low-fat because of the glucose fatty acid competition. I don’t believe this to be true because in the context of isocaloric diets, neither mixed diet,…

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How Much Sugar Should I Eat Per Day?

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Review: Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

Good morning, good morning! Welcome to today’s coffee chat. Ah, well here we are at the holiday time of year. I’m recording this on the Tuesday and we’ve just had all the Black Friday kind of craziness and the Cyber Monday sort of stuff and holiday parties are in full swing of things. I don’t…

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Healthy Eating Tips to Slash Added Sugars from Your Diet

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well we all enjoy sweet treats once in a while, it’s important to limit the amount of added sugars in our diets Most of the sugar we eat should come from sugars naturally found in nutritious foods like whole fruits. For a healthy amount of Avoid or limit added…

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7 Ways to Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable | Chris Masterjohn Lite #55

This is how to keep your blood sugar in balance. Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of chrismasterjohnphd.com, and this is Chris Masterjohn Lite, where the name of the game is “Details? Shmeetails. Just tell me what works!” And today we’re going to talk about a few ways to keep your blood sugar in balance. Alex…

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Cookbook Review: The Easy 5 Ingredient Pescatarian Cookbook

Good morning, good morning! Welcome to today’s coffee chat. Hmm, well today I’m so excited because it’s another cookbook review day! So, welcome, welcome to anybody who is new to the channel. Here each week I share with you, well, I invite you into my kitchen for a cup of coffee and a casual chat…

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Introducing Easy Healthy Tasty – A cookbook for everyone

hi I’m charity from accessible nutrition and I’m Jen from easy green recipes and we’ve spent the last well you reckon twelve months back yeah about that collaborating putting together a cookbook to help you in the kitchen our cookbook easy healthy tasty was purposefully designed to include people who are new to cooking who…

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Plant-Based Cookbook Review: Eat More Plants

Good morning, good morning. Welcome to today’s coffee chat. Hmm… today, oh I’m super, super excited that you’re here. That you’re joining me because I’m launching something new here with our coffee chats. Tt’s something that really has been percolating in my mind for quite a while because the most common thing that I’m asked…

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Butter vs Margarine – Which Is Better?

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Is Peanut Butter Good for You? A Nutritionist Explains | You Versus Food

– Go peanut, go butter, go peanut, go butter, whoa (laughs). (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman. A registered dietitian in New York City. And it’s my job to help you figure out what to eat and why. Today we’re turning toward our gooey, salty, smooth and or crunchy friend, peanut butter. You think…

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