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Bánh Mì Vietnamese Baguette No Kneading Instant Pot Proofing

Today I’m making French Baguette with Vietnamese style My channel already has recipe for Vietnamese Baguette that proof overnight in fridge, using only 0.4% yeast and the bread gets irregular and big holes. This recipe with shorter time proofing, more yeast used. The bread has the same crispy crust but the inner crumb are thick….

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DIY with Tatiane: French Bread Pizzas

So now, Amanda and I are gonna go do some shopping so we can teach you guys how to do some cooking. Stay tuned. So guys, as you can see I’m picking out like the best I can find at the 99 Cent Store. They actually have some pretty good things here. Look at this!…

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The Try Guys EXTREME Tie-Dye Challenge

(hedge trimmer whirring) – How’s the sound? – [All] Hi, we’re the Tie Guys! – I’m Ty. – I’m Tye with an E. – [Ned] I’m Rye Rye the Tie Dye. – And I’m Shy Guy, the Tie Dye Guy. (laughing) – [Keith] Making Tie Dye – [All] They’ll try it. ♪ The Tie Dyes…

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WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! *HOT SAUCE & SKITTLES* Eating Funky & Gross DIY Foods Candy

(screaming) – You challenged us to combine Skittles with crazy hot Sriracha sauce and let’s see how this taste. Woo hoo! – [Both] Oh! – Yo that’s not even enough bro. I can already smell the spice but we’re going crazy. (screaming) All right spoons in let’s mix it up. Oh no. – I smelled…

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10 Genius Food Hacks

10 genius food hacks and tricks 1: Balloon Jar Trick Okay I found an old jar of pickled ginger in the back, it’s actually expired but let’s pretend it’s not and let’s pretend I lost the lid and let’s pretend I can’t find a Tupperware box to put this in but I want to store…

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DIY JIGGLY Japanese Cotton CHEESECAKE Recipe | You Made What?

Hello my beautiful lovelies. Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another recipe attempt. Today, I’m going to be tackling the much requested Japanese jiggly cheesecake. So at this point, this recipe has been attempted by everyone: Corinne’s done it, BuzzFeed’s done it, and lots of other people have done it. It is the infamous Japanese…

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Baking Bread – Focaccia Recipe from Italy | Baking Tutorial

Focaccia – Italy’s flat bread Ingredients 400g plain flour (Type 00) 300ml lukewarm water 4g fresh yeast 10g salt a little olive oil cherry tomatoes, halved sprig of fresh rosemary Method Pour 300ml of lukewarm water into a large mixing bowl and sprinkle the fresh yeast over the top. Add flour and salt, and knead…

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Clear crisps / Glass Potato Chips

(playful music) – Hey everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, I hope you are well. Today, we’re kinda revisiting that clear, transparent vibe that we went to quite recently with the lemon meringue pie. Some of you guys absolutely loved it, some of you guys absolutely freaked people out, and I think…

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Everyday Yeast Loaf Recipe ~ Easy Yeast Bread ~ Bread Recipe ~How to Make Bread Noreen’s Kitchen

We’re ready, I’m Noreen and welcome to my kitchen and today I’m going to show you how I make my basic yeast bread loaf I’m Gonna make a double batch so I’m going to make two lobes because if I make bread one loaf will disappear before the day is through and I need to…

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Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen and today we’re gonna be making some gluten-free flatbread I make this for my church, but you can also make this regular and not gluten-free by using all-purpose flour and it’s a delicious option for a sandwich a wrap a pizza or Anything in between I can’t wait…

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