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Eggless Whole Wheat Dry Fruit Cake in Pan (No Sugar) | Christmas special Dry fruit cake

Today’s recipe is dry fruit cake. This recipe can be made at home very easily.

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Improved Method of Shea Butter Processing in English (accent from Nigeria)

This video describes the first part of an improved Shea butter processing. Harvest Shea tree fruits when they are mature, only when they have naturally dropped to the floor. Allow them to dry in a well-ventilated and semi-shaded area. Periodically turn them over, removing the fruits that have germinated or are dark in color. The…

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SUB) 무반죽 치아바타 만들기 : No kneading Ciabatta [우미스베이킹:그녀의베이킹]

288g water , 2g dry yeast 38g olive oil 385g bread flour, 7g salt 45 minutes 30 minutes wet your hands 30 minutes 40 minutes canvas 30 minutes 430F 18min

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Bread Pizzas Very Diverse Simple Easy Recipe

6 different flavors easily prepared

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Fluffy and Soft Brioche French Rolls | Milk bread | 브리오슈 롤 만들기 | 어쿠스틱 바게트

300g bread flour 23g dry yeast 5g salt 70g sugar 15g dry milk 90g water 120g unsalted butter 90g egg 3g vanilla extract water + dry yeast set aside for 15 minutes mix all ingredients except butter knead lightly and cover it for 15 minutes first proofing for 50 to 60 minutes until the dough…

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How to Let Dough Rise

How to Let Dough Rise. Instant or dry yeast causes dough to rise and leaven. If your dough isn’t allowed to rise correctly, you can ruin your bread. You will need Dough Cooking oil Bowl Plastic wrap Warm, draft-free location Baking sheet and nonstick cooking spray (optional). Step 1. Round off your dough — form…

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