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Bake Austin Kids Camp Makes Egg Cakes

Today we made egg cake, cake inside an egg (laughter). You open them up, there’s no, like, gooey stuff, it’s … CAKE! First we poked holes in one end of the egg and tried to … and we got all the egg on the inside out of the shell into bowls. When we touched the…

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Hey there! Today’s recipe is going to be a very popular Mexican sweet bread, it’s going to be Conchas Now this bread does take two separate ingredients You’re going to be making your buns and you’re going to be making the paste that will go on top of this These Conchas are best enjoyed with…

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Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Recipe | Easter Recipe

Hot Cross Buns are a traditional favourite for Easter but these have the addition of chocolate which make them even more delicious. To make the chocolate hot cross buns we’ll need to make a bread dough. If you’ve never made bread dough before there are a few tips and tricks you’ll need to learn to…

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