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The Try Guys Make Waffle Cones Without A Recipe

(bell ringing) – Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, banana cone! – [Zach] It has to be a little bit soft, but it’s too soft. (Screaming) I can’t do anything. (grunting) – It’s like a weird cracker. – Oh no! (Cheering) – Oh yes! – [Keith] It’s one of those things like making a…

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3 Common Misconceptions About Sugar

“Sugar makes children hyper”. We’ve all heard this before and maybe you’ve even observed it in kids. But… it’s actually a misconception. There are lots of widely believed misconceptions about science that are just plain wrong – like “You only use ten percent of your brain”. You really use one hundred percent of your brain….

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What Does Sugar Actually Do To Your Body?

it’s interesting when we design our studies we provide diets that are high in starch and then we take away that starch and replaced it with sugar why do we even see such unfavorable effects when we replace pasta or bread with a fructose sweetened beverage or let’s even say high fructose corn syrup sweetened…

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Why Does Sugar Make My Teeth Hurt?

♩ Sugar is supposed to be one of the best things in life. But you might have bitten into something really sweet only to have it betray you. Instead of sugary deliciousness, you got immediate, sharp, eye-watering pain. Sure, eating lots of sugary food can cause cavities that don’t feel great, but that wasn’t some…

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Little Baby Bum | Little Bunny Foo Foo | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Songs for Kids

– [Child] Little Baby Bum. (bright music) ♫ Little Bunny Foo Foo ♫ Went hopping through the forest ♫ Greeting all the field mice ♫ And patting them on the head ♫ Down came the good fairy and she said ♫ Little Bunny Foo Foo ♫ I’m so glad to see you ♫ Greeting all…

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How to Bake | Bake Shop Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K

(playful music) – Hi, welcome to Sweeter Days ladies. – Hi, hi I’m Penny from KidVision. – Hi Penny. – And these are the VPK kids, we’re here today to find out about how to bake cupcakes. – Oh, well welcome. We do over 43 different flavors of cupcakes, about seven or eight cookies, we…

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Is Sugar a Drug?

[MUSIC] A new crisis is threatening the prosperity of our great nation! This valuable white powder is being imported by the tons to satisfy the cravings of millions of deliciously delinquent addicts! And the most frightening part? It’s now being pushed on our children. Doctors say this little girl might never come down… from her…

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Is Sugar bad for you? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Can you guess the title of my next video? Hurry up. Write your guess in the comments section below. Is sugar bad for you? Nooo. Because whenever I eat sugar, I get sweet dreams. Alright. Now listen. If we consume a lot of sugar, then it can lead to serious health problems….

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The Try Guys Bake Cakes Without A Recipe

– [Ned] Let’s have some fun! – We’re back in the Try Guys Test Kitchen. – [Zach Voiceover] No recipes, no hope. This is the ultimate– – Without a Recipe challenge. Roy Choi, Rosanna Pansino, us. – Oh, Jesus. – Oh, my God! – All the other episodes have been battles, but this is the…

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Why Can’t I Eat Peanut Butter?

[intro] Squeaks and I were just talking about our favorite foods! Some of my favorite foods are pizza and blueberries … and Squeaks really likes french toast! There are lots of different kinds of foods, some of which you might like, and some that you might not And that’s okay! Not everyone has to eat…

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