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Egg Bread Uppma In Tamil | Egg Bread Poriyal In Tamil | Egg Recipe In Tamil | Gowri Samayalarai

Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Bread Egg Poriyal Recipe 1 Big Onion Chopped 4 green chilies cut into pieces Heat the pan with oil and add onion and green chilies Once the onion and green chilies is sauteed add two egg yolks Add little salt Beat it and stir well 3 Bread pieces, corners removed Soak…

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ब्रेड ऑमलेट | Bread Omelette By madhurasrecipe | Disco Egg Fry | Easy Bachelors Recipe

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make bread omelette or popular street food known as disco egg fry. This is really quick and yummy recipe. Lifesaver recipe especially for bachelors. Bread omelette testes awesome anytime. To begin with, I have heated a pan on medium heat. Add 1…

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