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Hello, Elif’s kitchen Welcome. Today you can do it in a very practical way Breakfast will suit your tables very well. non-crispy inside soft I’d like to share the mini sandwich bread recipe. Subscribe to my channel to be informed of new recipes and remember to turn on notifications by pressing them. I took a…

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Evde Ekmek Yapımı / Fransız Baget Ekmeği (Homemade French Baguette /Eng Sub)

Hi everyone, I’m Ceren. Instagram: @cerengkpnr Hi everyone! Welcome to my kitchen, I’m Ceren Today I’ll make one of the most famous French bread, baguette. Baguette means ‘stick’ in French and we call it baguette because of its shape This bread is one of the my favourite bread. Let’s start if you’re ready! Pre-ferment: 1…

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