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Why Moms Are Now Breadwinners in 40 Percent of Homes

(Image source: Fox News) 
BY JASMINE BAILEY The days of nostalgic America seem to be waning. Moms are no longer just taking care of the kids, cooking and cleaning. But a growing number of them are actually bringing home that bacon they’re cooking. “A new study shows mothers are the primary breadwinner in 40 percent of…

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Technovation 2019 | Labo – Breadwinners of Tomorrow

When we first heard about Technovation and we were brainstorming ideas, we were focusing a lot outwardly. How can we help the poor, the disabled, or even improve the low income gap? But then, we realised that we had forgotten to look inside. Who needs empowerment within our personal spaces? The answer – our moms!…

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S. Korea adds 419,000 new jobs y/y in Oct., employment rate hits highest level in 30 years

the country’s job market finally seems to be on a road to recovery with a sharp increase in the number of newly added jobs last month as well as a fall in the unemployment rate our Kim Hanul reports the South Korean economy created four hundred nineteen thousand new jobs on year in October adding…

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