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HOT & COLD words / English Addict – 49 / LIVE Lesson/ Sunday 8th March 2020 / Play the Prefix Quiz!

ooh look at that oh what a lovely view from my window today the sun is out even though it was raining about 45 minutes ago however everything is looking rather nice outside oh hello there welcome here we go again it’s another english addict livestream coming to you from the birthplace of the english…

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Our First COOKBOOK is Finally Done! – English Subtitles

Zeppelins, different Zeppelins, Samogitian Pancakes, Curdies, Curd Casserole, Chicken… Come over here quickly if you want… Bring the book, if you want to show it… Say those recipes quickly, MO. Bam-bam-bam- bam… Okay, bring the book and I will say them… Hi, viewers… What do have here?! Is it the cover of the first book?!…

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Call The Doctor / Medical Words & Phrases / English Addict 44 – LIVE Lesson / Wed 26th Feb 2020

doo-doo-doo-doo oh yes guess what mmm well slap me sideways and call me Dorothy here we go again it is another English addict live from the birthplace of the English language which happens to be England did you see that did you see that video clip that was playing just that was filmed last week…

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Pancake Day 2020 live stream / English Addict with Mr Duncan / Toss / Flip / Batter

the live stream will begin in a few moments the live stream will begin in a few moments it’s a special day today it’s a very special day it’s a super-duper sunny day here in the UK oh hello there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay…

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Society’s Sweet Tooth… the Brain’s Response to Sugar | Amanda Maracle | TEDxQueensU

Translator: Mirjana Čutura Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs I’d like to start off by telling you a story. It’s about a woman named Barbara. Now, unfortunately for Barbara, when she was young, unhealthy habits were modeled at home. And several of her close relatives struggled with a very specific type of disorder. As Barbara got older, she…

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Super Sugar Crisp

[MUSIC] Sugar Bear here with big vitamin news. Sugar Crips has now added so many vitamins Post changed the name to Super Sugar Crisp. And a handsome one on the box. These Super Sugar Crisp gives your kids essential vitamins. All they need for breakfast. Bowl of them, sweetheart! [MUSIC] Look at those kids bouncing,…

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I Was Almost A School Shooter | Aaron Stark | TEDxBoulder

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Leonardo Silva I was almost a school shooter. In 1996, Denver, Colorado, I was a student in North High. In a moment of pain and anger, I almost committed a terrible atrocity. Growing up I’d learned early on there was a strange comfort and calmness in darkness. I was always the…

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How to Make Victoria Sandwiches – The Victorian Way

Lord and Lady Braybrooke have guests for afternoon tea, and so I am in the garden looking for flowers to help with the decoration. I’m going to make Victoria Sandwiches, everybody loves Victoria Sandwiches. For these you will need: The first step is to whisk the eggs. You will need to whisk them for a…

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How to Make Soup for the Poor – The Victorian Way

Oh, good morning! I’ve just got back from seeing Lady Braybrooke. She organises many charitable initiatives, from blankets for the needy to the collection of old toys and such items for new mothers with children. Today, she’s asked me to make a hearty soup for the poor of the parish. It needs to be tasty…

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